Command Name Description Requirements Works as
godmode Freezes HP Value at 100,000 Injected .dll HOST
cc_questcomplete_ui Gets rid of annoying quest complete (in-town) UI when botting Injected .dll HOST
ohk Changes all enemy's HP values to 1 Injected .dll HOST
ohk2 Multiplies damage by approximately 900 times Injected .dll HOST
changelevel 2 Skips one dungeon level (works with party members) - Crashes if relayed twice or more when first loading map Injected .dll HOST
changemap_to_next_random_sector Skips one dungeon level (works sometimes with party members) - Can be relayed multiple times Injected .dll HOST
changelevel2 Skips one dungeon level (works sometimes with party members) Injected .dll HOST
spike Lags everyone for 1.2 seconds Injected .dll ALL
host_timescale # Speeds up everything including skills, monsters, players (lags at higher numbers) Injected .dll HOST
host_timeplus # Lags everyone for 1/30th of specified time (disconnects if used at higher numbers) Injected .dll HOST
sv_gravity [-#|#] Alters gravity for objects, players and monsters (when hit) Injected .dll HOST
phys_timescale # Changes projectile speed, explosion speed, knockback speed and all physics-calculative graphics Injected .dll HOST
current_combat_difficulty [1|2|3] Changes mob's HP / special attacks (Specified integers are 1, 2 & 3 for Normal, Hard and Hero) Shows HP bar at 1 Injected .dll HOST
mp_friendlyfire [0|1] Lets you kill party members (When activated, disables revival by feathers) Injected .dll HOST
cc_enter_colhen_from_rochest Teleports you to Rochest Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_enter_rochest_field_from_colhen Teleports you to Rochest Field Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_enter_rochest_from_colhen Teleports you to Colhen Injected .dll CLIENT
stopsound Stops sound/BGM/music from playing Console CLIENT
cc_clear_all_ent Freezes everyone in dungeons (And removes overlays, may crash party members) Injected .dll ALL
respawn_entities Crashes everyone as PARTICIPANT in party except you; includes yourself if HOST; CLIENT only if in-town Injected .dll CIRCUM
kill Commit suicide Injected .dll CLIENT
show_mini_shop Open mini-shop Injected .dll CLIENT
hide_mini_shop Close mini-shop Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_mailbox_ui Open Mailbox / Close Mailbox Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_enter_dyeshop Enter dye shop (in-town only) Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_shiplist_ui Launch ship menu from anywhere (buggy in-town/does not work @ NPCs / requires being at dock to start as of July18) Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_play_emotion # Does emotions (character movements, 7 is sit down) Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_change_figure_height # Changes character's height (Smaller/Faster; spam projectiles) ; (Buggy) height 1000 to skip cutscenes Injected .dll ALL
cc_change_figure_bust # Changes character's bust size Injected .dll ALL
campfire_ignite_num_required_props # Changes number of objects required to start a fire Injected .dll HOST
campfire_status_effect_radius # Changes campfire's radius for effects when sitting down Injected .dll HOST
campfire_status_effect_enable_time # Changes number in seconds required to sit down for effects to take place Injected .dll HOST
name [___] Changes character's name as displayed (excludes left sidebar) Injected .dll HOST
+toggle_whisper_mode Toggles whisper mode for in-game chat Injected .dll HOST
plr_turning_movement_speed_rate_min # Changes character's movement speed in-town and everyone as HOST Injected .dll HOST
change_channel # Changes to specified channel (5 second delay after switching) Injected .dll CLIENT
plr_search_campfire_anvildistance 0 Ignores anvils while fishing Injected .dll HOST
cc_shot_showui_toggle Hides Graphical User Interface (increases frame rate dramatically) Injected .dll CLIENT
changemap_to_current_random_sector Reloads level (bosses do not show up, drops may not appear) Injected .dll HOST
cc_fill_all_items Refills all item slot items (May not work sometimes, consumes potions when used) Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_boss_hp_gauge_show Show Boss HP Bar Injected .dll HOST
blacksmith_craft_time_sec # Crafting using NPCs (blacksmith) time delay in seconds Injected .dll CLIENT
dye_craft_time_sec # Dying time in seconds Injected .dll CLIENT
enhance_craft_time_sec # Enhancing time in seconds Injected .dll CLIENT
enchant_craft_time_sec # Enchanting time in seconds Injected .dll CLIENT
synthesis_time_sec # Synthesis time (alchemy) in seconds Injected .dll CLIENT
plr_play_overlay_sequence paladin_transformation_begin_1 Transforms into a paladin stage 1 (Everyone sees as HOST/PARTICIPANT, Only detransform in town) Injected .dll CIRCUM
plr_play_overlay_sequence paladin_transformation_begin_2 Transforms into a paladin stage 2 (Everyone sees as HOST/PARTICIPANT, Only detransform in town) Injected .dll CIRCUM
plr_play_overlay_sequence dark_knight_transformation_begin_1 Transforms into a dark knight stage 1 (Everyone sees as HOST/PARTICIPANT, Only detransform in town) Injected .dll CIRCUM
plr_play_overlay_sequence dark_knight_transformation_begin_2 Transforms into a dark knight stage 2 (Everyone sees as HOST/PARTICIPANT, Only detransform in town) Injected .dll CIRCUM
cc_set_sub_weapon javelin_lvl2 # Gives you # of javelins in item slot Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon handbomb_lvl2 # Gives you # of handbombs Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon mining_bomb # Gives you # of mining bombs Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon flashbang # Gives you # of flash bombs Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon hookshot # Gives you # of hookshots Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon sticky_bomb # Gives you # of sticky bombs Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon snowball # Gives you # of snowballs Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon javelin_piercing_catacomb # Gives you # of uber javelins Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_set_sub_weapon dev_gm_spear # Gives you # of GM Spears (Obselete) Injected .dll CLIENT
plr_falling_motion_minimum_height # Height Falling? (Obselete)
cc_spawn_golden_ball # # Spawns golden balls (Obselete) at this # doing this # of damage Injected .dll ALL
cl_world_fov_ratio # Distorts corners and zooms at # ratio Injected .dll HOST
npc_prop_golem_prop_snatch_radius # Golem snatching radius Injected .dll HOST
enhance Access enhance menu / enchant menu Injected .dll HOST
quit Prompts exit menu Console HOST
quti Immediately exit game Console HOST
fps_max # Increases maximum frame rate? Injected .dll CLIENT
plr_play_overlay_sequence paladin_2_skill_tentacle Paladin's AoE skill (Invisible in town) Injected .dll ALL
plr_play_overlay_sequence dark_knight_2_skill_tentacle Dark Knight's Linear Spike Skill (Invisible in town) Injected .dll ALL
cc_send_start_game_message Skips boat scene after pressing start Injected .dll HOST
cc_skill_ui Opens skill GUI Injected .dll CLIENT
screenshot Snaps a screenshot Injected .dll CLIENT
revive_torch Summons a monster + revives everyone (Obselete) Injected .dll ALL
hand_bomb_detonate_by_throw_delay # Delay for bomb detonation (Obselete) Injected .dll HOST
mine_bomb_detonate_by_throw_delay # Delay for mine bomb detonation (Obselete) Injected .dll HOST
sv_health_potion_double_up_time 10 HP Potions have doubled effect Injected .dll HOST
sk_plr_lethita_stamina_fast_restoration_time_condition -1 Fastest Lethita restoration Injected .dll CLIENT
sk_plr_fiona_stamina_fast_restoration_time_condition -1 Fastest Fiona Stamina restoration Injected .dll CLIENT
sk_plr_evy_stamina_fast_restoration_time_condition _scythe -1 Fastest Evie Stamina restoration as Scythe-Equipped Injected .dll CLIENT
sk_plr_evy_stamina_fast_restoration_time_condition _neo_staff -1 Fastest Evie Stamina restoration as Staff-Equipped Injected .dll CLIENT
sk_plr_kalok_stamina_fast_restoration_time_condition -1 Fastest Kalok Stamina restoration (After waiting period of 0.5s) Injected .dll CLIENT
xMsg message Prints specified message Injected .dll /
MLeft Simulates Left Click Injected .dll CLIENT
GetCursorPos Show Cursor's Coordinates Injected .dll /
SetCursorPos x y Set mouse position Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_system_message [__] Specified x message after Console CLIENT
alias [__] Specify x as y entity Console /
; AND operator Console /
portal # Creates portal CH0 globally Injected .dll ALL
force_disconnect_from_relay_server Immediately disconnects you from the server Injected .dll CLIENT
campfire_repair Repairs broken equipment in dungeons Injected .dll CLIENT
cc_change_costume x y Changes specified costume part or body part x to piece y/face, etc y (Cannot be seen in town - includes all cosmetics) Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_costume_set y Changes all pieces being worn to piece y Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_costume_color x [0|1|2] b Changes specified costume part (with specific a part of that piece) to b decimal colour Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_all_costume_color B G R
Changes everything (including face) / costume to this amount of Blue/Green/Red Colouring Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_face_layer x y Changes face layers like eyebrows, makeup, printing, scar, beard, piercing Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_face_paint_rotate n Rotates these layers Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_face_paint_pos_x n Positions them at specified x-coordinates Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_face_paint_pos_y n Positions them at specified y-coordinates Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_face_paint_scale n Scales the layers' sizes Injected .dll COSM
cc_change_face_layer_color x a b
Scales the layers' colours specific parts (0~2) to decimal colours Injected .dll COSM

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