This page is still under construction.
Download this package.
Extract it to any directory or folder.
Open Hell_Demon's and Nicdel Console, DLL and Injector folder
Open PerX Injector.exe
Change the what to inject field from "Gun.exe" to "Vindictus.exe"
Click "Browse" from the "Add to Injection list" field
Locate PubConUSv2.dll, click OK, locate Vinv3.dll, click OK
Open Windows Explorer and go to C:/Nexon/Vindictus/en-US or your installed directory for Vindictus
Click on Vindictus.exe, right-click and send a shortcut to the desktop
Start the game from the desktop as admin by right clicking 
You are done part 1.
Go to List of Commands
The syntax for binding in-game is simple. All commands need to be typed/pasted into the console.
Bind "o" "godmode"
This translates into when O is pressed, activate the godmode command; thus giving 133742 HP and freezing it
Alias "Supermode" "god;ohk2"
Bind "m" "Supermode"
This translates into when M is pressed, activate Supermode which is alias for activating godmode and one-hit KO. Note that aliases always need to repasted whenever the game is running.
Bind "v" "cc_mini_shop;cc_system_message ShopInDungeonFTW"
This translates into when V is pressed, open a shop sending a system message in-game saying ShopInDungeonFTW.To clear binds
Clear binds by going into Options Menu > Apply > OK > X in-game or typing unbind "X" where X is the desired key to unbind. 
Additional tips on binding
Use the portable Notepad++ to paste your binds to recopy and repaste them into the console later by (CNTRL+A, CNTRL+C, right-click and paste into console)
Supermegamoof's Preview Tool in Modding also gives you an accessible list of commands with generated commands for your needs
You need to rename Supermegamoof's Preview Tool.dll to BlackCap Controlz.dll for the executable to work.
You have completed the basics of cheating on Vindictus.

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